How I got a web developer job

30 Dec, 2018journal • Tags: job
Ever since I started working as a web developer, many people asked me why & how I became a developer. Here I take some time to reflect on my journey to become a web developer.

Making of the track - Flow

11 Oct, 2017music-production • Tags: reaper
How the music was produced & some thoughts behind this project.

Filter/Search a data table

05 Aug, 2017coding • Tags: javascript, projects
This is a little project, I did to brush up my JavaScript and CSS coding skills. In this project you can interactively filter/search the data of a html table.

CSS Button

03 Aug, 2017coding • Tags: css, projects
As I was focusing more on JavaScript, I soon realized that without practice I am getting weak at CSS. So took sometime to brush up my CSS basics by styling some buttons.

JavaScript workout

30 May, 2017coding • Tags: javascript, freecodecamp, algorithm
Some freeCodeCamp coding exercises that I solved to improve my skill.

Scraping web data right from the browser console

15 May, 2017coding • Tags: javascript
Around this time, I have been learning JavaScript quite seriously and trying to use it for anything outside of my coding exercises.

Using Jekyll for blogging

14 May, 2017tech-talk • Tags: jekyll, github-pages
I started to like static site generators and decided to host my blog on github pages.

Noise removal tips for single coil Guitar pickup

08 Aug, 2016music-production • Tags: reaper, reafir, noise, guitar, recording
Removing noise from audio recordings.

Using spreadsheet as a simple database

22 Jan, 2016tech-talk • Tags: spreadsheet, libreoffice
I wasn't a big fan of spreadsheets but that changed when I started using it to keep track of some data.

How I got started with Git

16 Jan, 2016tech-talk • Tags: git
I liked the idea of version control but as a beginner typing git commands wasn't intuitive so I used a GUI tool.

Making of the track - Carbon

30 Jun, 2015music-production • Tags: avlinux, ardour, seq24, lv2, ladspa
How I made a music track using only free tools available on a Linux distro and what was my workflow for music and artwork production.

Exploring AVLinux

05 Feb, 2015music-production • Tags: avlinux, ardour, pd
I wanted to try out AVLinux for music production using free tools. Here I also look back on how I got into Linux and music making.

Using LADSPA plugins as VST plugins

19 Jan, 2015music-production • Tags: ladspa, vst, reaper
I noticed that windows version of Audacity can load LADSPA plugins so I thought what If I could also use these as VST plugins.

Making of the Album - instrumania

30 Nov, 2014music-production • Tags: reason
How the music was produced, some thoughts & motivation for doing this project.